Speckled Wood Art

Steve Yeates

My work explores the emotional repercussions on the soul of any individual of any emotional or physical act whether it be positive or negative.

Working in figurative sculpture allows me to challenge the preconception of figurative art through the mixtures of media used and their methodology. My Sculptures can display an amazing array of definitive states from tragic and haunting to ethereal and dynamic.

One of the lessons of my life has been that it's transitions can illustrate to me the inconstant energy that is living in today's often brutal society. The violence and its repercussions are shown in the work made of recycled glass, the brutality of the act is magnified by its consequence, I try to transform that anger to something that is generically positive by moulding the glass into shapes of beauty transfixed into statuesque poses reminding us of our inner strength.

The use of contemporary materials such as paper had its genesis when frustrated in grief, unsent letters of sorrow and platitudes of forgiveness that were intrinsic to the grieving process were ripped apart. Hesitantly, I re-assembled them as if
collecting my thoughts and cast them in figures burying their faces, foetal in positioning throwing any allusions of coping away.

More recently I have sought to celebrate the dynamic energy of life, and the fascination of movement through traditional materials such as bronze and lead crystal whilst still challenging core aesthetic values of figurative art.

Email: steveyeates@aol.com


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