Speckled Wood Art

Ritva Georgiades

Studied at Surrey Institute of Art and Design and graduated in 1995 with BA Hons in Fine Art and has since exhibited in various exhibitions including Mall Galleries, Royal West of England Academy, South Hill Park, Maltings Gallery,Beatrice Royal, Guildhall Gallery, Hackwood Art Feastival and Cork Street Open.

She sees herself as an image maker and works in mixed media with a love of different materils and paper collage.  The act of tearing paper, cutting, gluing, building up, scraping away and painting onto the collage with acrylic inks and paints is liberating.  Sometimes she also hand stitch into the paper collage.  The stitching is always done with the simple running stitch.

The initial inspiration comes from things and places around her, sudden memory from the past, feelings and emotions.  Something pops into her consciousness and might want to pursue the idea.

Working spontaneously and allowing the image to take its own course and finds it exciting on seeing what unfolds.

As our world is not always such a nice place to live in, she likes the idea of creating something uplifting.

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