Speckled Wood Art

Jo Louca

B.A.Hon Fine Art, S.I.A.D. Farnham

Teaching Art

Adult Education, Surrey County Council
Children’s Workshops, Redlees Art & Craft Studios, Isleworth
Summer Holiday Workshops, The Galleries Woking & Surrey County Council

Primarily a landscape painter, Joe's always concentrating on the light and atmosphere of an area. “Her's is a contemplative intuitive approach, an attempt to portray the essence of the land rather than a figurative representation of it.” Using the time honoured traditional method of glazed oil paint (thin layers of paint) which best utilizes the paints translucent qualities to build up a subtle depth of colour. Though a very lengthy process, it allows the paintings to glow with light. A technique employed by the old masters.

Frequently the initial inspiration for paintings comes simply from gazing up at a light filled canopy, the magical affect being almost that of stained glass, a cathedral canopy. The work embraces the influence of light, and is always essentially celebratory.

Tell: 01932 347553

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